Students performing Cinderella, March 2013.
Students performing “Cinderella”, March 2013.

“You create such a warm, caring environment that the kids absorb it all and truly bond and create strong friendships.  As a parent … thank you to all of you for everything you do.”

“I would like to extend my thanks and comments to Candice and Melanie – this is the most organized/structured/communicative program my daughter has participated in – and she has been in a lot of programs over the last 4+ yrs. You are a very professional group – and came very highly recommended by other parents!”

I was impressed with the professionalism, costumes, and direction [of Willy Wonka]. In particular, I appreciated the closing number that clearly demonstrated the commitment and joy of all parties involved. Well done!

“Being in The Sound of Music has been such an amazing experience!  I have learned so much such as what makes a great performance, how to use different movements to express emotion and a lot more!  What’s so great about this musical is that I get perform a story that I love and already know very well.  Being able to play Maria has made it that much more exciting, especially since this was my first time with Liberty Junction Theatre.” – Lindsay Orlowski, LJT Student, Age 13

“Playing Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music has helped me broaden my knowledge in various characterization aspects. The Sound of Music is a wonderful musical on its own, as it tells the love story that takes place in Austria at the very beginning of WWII. Liberty Junction gave me the opportunity to grow as an actor while having a great time working with encouraging and fun directors and becoming comfortable and bondable with other cast members.” – Arnay Avdic, LJT Student, Age 17

“I started in the role of Ms. Hannigan in the play Annie Jr. With the help of liberty Junction I was able to gain back my confidence and get over my newly acquired stage fright. The show went off  and left me feeling great about myself. Overall my time with LJT has been one to remember. It has helped me remember that my voice is something to be proud of. It has helped me realize I’m a much better actor now then when I started out with them. It has kept my years filled with wonderful ways to share my gift and passion with so many people! Melanie has a place in my memories and in my heart that won’t be forgotten. I really do encourage anyone who is shy or unsure of their gifts to take a leap of faith with Liberty Junction. Everyone is very kind, friendly and supporting and encouraging! You will walk on stage with no fear having the time of your life and love every moment. You will leave the show having met wonderful people and forever friends!” – Tabitha Mary Simpson, LJT Student, Age 19

The Sound of Music has been so great in so many different ways; we have all grown as performers and as people. Through learning the songs, blocking and choreography we grew into one big family – it was an amazing experience that we won’t forget anytime soon! I’m going to miss all the rehearsals. I’ve been with Liberty Junction once before and after that one time; there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to come back. The people are great, the music, dancing and acting is a challenge but with the help of our wonderful instructors, we can proudly say, we’ve pulled it off!” – Emily Ryder, LJT Student, Age 15

“Liberty Junction has been awesome! It has helped me speak loudly and clearly. It has also helped me be more confident in front of people. Now I can go up on stage with no fear! I am not scared or silly and no one makes fun of me. I love LJT and you will too.” – Julianne Whyte, LJT Student, Age 10

“I was happy to be cast as an orphan in the production Annie Jr. This play helped me because I was never confident in myself until I got on stage and heard the crowd. It was a fantastic feeling. This lead me to continue my acting as a Wickersham in Seussical and Louisa in The Sound of Music. All of the guidance and friendly help has improved my singing, dancing and acting skills immensely. I had the confidence to do auditions for my school plays and have won roles in the plays, Joseph and The Technicolor Dream Coat and Beauty and The Beast too.  The environment  at Liberty Junction Theater invites you to be yourself, this is one of the many reasons I come back each year.  In the 4 years I have been involved with Liberty Junction I have made many great friends, performed for charity, and been to the MARTY’s these experiences keep me coming back each year. See you in the theatre!” Sarah Simpson, LJT Student, Age 12

“Over the last two years with Liberty Junction,  we have learned  several acting skills and grown as actors in many ways. We have been a part of four productions, and Elicia has taken the Kinder Drama course twice. We had never acted before we  joined Liberty Junction, but  the courses have given us confidence to be on stage. We have been taught how to become like our character, as well as how  to speak with expression and  project our voices.  We have also learned stage direction, how not to crowd a stage, and how to react to different things that happen on stage.  As well, the musicals have grown our singing and dancing abilities.  In every course we have taken, we have become better actors without being rushed to learn. We keep coming back to Liberty Junction because they have given us opportunities to have experience in theatre while having fun!!” – Eliana, Jordan & Elicia Ramitt, LJT Students, Ages 12, 10 & 7

“I’ve really enjoyed the 4 years I’ve spent at Liberty Junction; The Sound of Music is my 7th play.  It has taught me to be more confident when talking to people. It has allowed me to make many new friends. It has definitely improved my acting and singing skills, and has helped me tap into a talent which I didn’t know I had. I hope I get to act in more of their plays.” – Ben Whyte, LJT Student, Age 12

“I have learned a lot throughout all the performances I’ve done and the 5 plays I’ve been in. My acting, singing, and dancing skills have improved so much. I like the Liberty Junction courses because everyone has so much fun while learning great acting techniques and you get to experience new things in every class. I feel more confident when I perform on stage in front of a big audience and it feels amazing. Musicals are my favourite!! I’ve made so many great friends along the way. Melanie Miles is an awesome artistic director and I really enjoy being a part of Liberty Junction Theatre!” – Tessa Bumbaca, LJT Student, Age 10

“When I was 9, outside of my home I was small and shy but at home with my family I was a crazy fun loving kid who loved to put on a show! That’s was when my parents suggested that I should try acting. At first I wasn’t very fond of the idea but that summer I went to one of Liberty Junction’s summer camps. My first few days of camp, Liberty Junction introduced me to something new, to be myself have fun play with and meet new friends and most of all become a great young actor. There at that camp 5 years ago I began to love acting! Since summer camp I have been in 7 productions with Liberty Junction Theatre Inc. These productions have increased my confidence in my daily life.” – Duncan Ladner, LJT Student, Age 13

“Liberty Junction means a lot to me for so many reasons, mainly because the things you learn in there will help you with drama a lot more than you’d think. LJT also taught me how to not be scared and to let myself be more open with people and because of that I made so many friends there that I will continue to stay close to hopefully for a long time! The program also teaches us to act and sing better, considering I walked into Annie not being able to carry a tune and I now feel confident to go onstage and sing! I keep coming back to Liberty Junction because even though it’s a lot of work, it’s the funnest drama program out there and one of the most experienced considering it’s been around for a long time. Knowing that you’re going to be making new friends is amazing too because it’s so nice to see new people come in and have friends on the first day!” – Tara Redmond van Rees, LJT Student, Age 14

“I have been with Liberty Junction a long time! I have done 5 plays with LJT including Annie, Jack and the Beanstalk, Seussical and many more! I have loved every play, they’re great experiences! I started off as a VERY shy girl but I have grown as an actor. Liberty Junction taught me to get out of my comfort zone and really shine! Now I’m the complete opposite of shy I love to be on stage and I enjoy large audiences. I thank Liberty Junction for every good part I get in school, the good grade I get in drama, and my helping hand to let people feel comfortable around new people including me! Thank you Liberty Junction, I love you!” – Kiki Redmond van Rees, LJT Student, Age 11

“Seussical was wonderful! It was amazing how the cast could pull it all together in such a short amount of time. It was a fantastic experience for my daughter and we will be back. I would and have recommended this program to friends. Keep up the great work! Your dedication and enthusiasm with the children is much appreciated. Also love the fact that you give to others in the process.”

“Liberty Junction Theatre, gives great value and training. Children have fun and learn or improve greatly over only 12 weeks in all areas of singing, dancing and acting. There are regular updates for the staff as well as suggested areas of improvement over the course of the 12 weeks. In the end the children are able to put on a professional, entertaining show for friends and family. No detail is mediocre and the show is well marketed and was sold out.” 

“If your child is showing an interest in theatre, acting, modeling, or even just putting on plays at home I would highly recommend Liberty Junction Theatre Company as a great for way them to learn the basics and have fun at the same time. After having enrolled both our children in many different courses with Liberty Junction I would highly recommend all of their courses.” – J. Black

“My son has continue to learn and grow with Liberty Junction theatre. He has made some wonderful friends and loves to perform.”

“Liberty Junction has given my child the opportunity to develop even more confidence while performing and singing on stage, confidence that she can take into other aspects of her life.”

“Absolutely wonderful program!!! No comparison to any other. Our son was very excited to attend, worked very hard and learned a lot.”

“Excellent acting course and performance was top notch!!”

“This was my daughters first involvement in theatre art. She loved it and has learned some vocal strengthening which helped her with her confidence level. I have recommended Liberty to other friends as well. Thank you for all you’ve done!” 

“There is no doubt the confidence my daughter received by being part of this great production. She has made so many friends and can’t wait to be part of another Liberty Junction performance.”

“What a difference we have found in our daughter’s overall confidence since performing in Seussical. We can recite most of the songs from the play, as she continues to sing them. Even songs she didn’t perform. An absolutely fabulous experience! She is eager to audition for the next play!”

“Rehearsals are long – but you know there’s a great fit for your child when they come home more energized than when they went to rehearsal after a long day at school. That was Naomi’s experience.”

“Our experience with Liberty Junction exceeded our expectations in every way. My daughter’s growth in confidence, vocal strength, and dramatic expression improved with the many hours of guidance and support from Melanie and the other staff. Thank you so much for giving this experience to my daughter and to my family, who got to enjoy the performance! We’ll be auditioning for many productions with Liberty Junction!”

“They experience that I had was one I will NEVER forget, I’ve improved in all catagories. My confidence was greatly improved and I feel that I can go up infront of anyone and do random things:) and be the ‘real’ me infront of more people:) Liberty Junction is like a second home.”

“My daughter absolutely loves acting and singing and at Liberty Junction Theatre she can do just that while growing, maturing and becoming quite self confident. Melanie and her professional team have such a way with the kids that everyone is completely involved and having a blast.”

“Liberty Junction did a fantastic job with Suessical. The casting was perfect, the theatre was the right size and the kids looked like they were having a great time… I was most impressed that even when a few things went not as planned, the kids were prepared and adapted. It was great to see! Truly a sign on excellent direction and coaching!”

“What an answer to prayer! Our daughter needed a good group of friends after moving back from being out of the GTA and we are so happy we found Liberty Junction!”

“Your teaching style has increased both of my sons’ confidence in their ability to act. You have fostered a safe environment for them to grow in this new experience. It has been fun and enjoyable time for them. Thank you!”

-L. Forsyth, Burlington

“Melanie, thank you so much for teaching our co-op class! I feel each child has benefited tremendously from the individual care and attention you have provided. It is exciting to see the sparkle in the children’s eyes!”

-L. Ganton, Milton

“Liberty Junction Theatre is extremely professional. To be able to organize all the children and to command them as you do takes patience and skill…you have both. Every show I see improvement with both my “actors” and enjoy seeing them bloom  under LJTC guidance. Bravo!”

“The caliber of the productions is excellent. Everyone who has come to see them has been blown away… well done!”

“A great experience and amazing performances by all. My kids grew in their singing abilities, had a blast and have new friends – what more could you ask for?”

“The performance was outstanding for the level of education some of the kids had. Your patience did not go unnoticed!”

“My daughter absolutely loved the whole experience and she certainly developed a whole lot more confidence during the process.”

“Liberty Junction has provided my daughter with an excellent experience. I have  seen her grow, build her confidence and shine on stage. She has also enjoyed the  friendships she has made being part of the cast at Liberty Junction. I would definitely  recommend this course to others.”

“Thank you for everything – it was a very positive experience and we are sure not only the participants but parents and friends who were part of this enjoyed it thoroughly. ”

“[Our daughter] was very happy to be part of the competition and made friends with other participants – who were all extremely nice and talented. Please convey our thanks to all the judges and everyone who was involved in putting this together. Best wishes to Liberty Junction Theatre for their future endeavours.”
– Anita and Rustom (Regarding the 2nd Annual Performing Arts Competition)

“Your teaching style has increased both of my sons’ confidence in their ability to act.  You have fostered a safe environment for them to grow in this new experience. It has been a positive, fun and enjoyable time for them.  Thank you!”
– L. Forsyth, Burlington

“Melanie, thank you so much for teaching our co-op class! I feel each child has benefited tremendously from the individual care and attention you have provided. It is exciting to see the sparkle in the children’s eyes!”
– L. Ganton, Milton

“Liberty Junction Theatre is a great place to be for everyone who loves art of acting.My son, Arnay, has thoroughly enjoyed being a student in Melanie’s classes and has found the experience to be both enjoyable and rewarding. In such a short time, Melanie inspired many children and helped them to improve their individual talents and put on a great show! I would like to personally thank Melanie for being a wonderful teacher, for instilling her love of performing arts, and for spreading such a amazing energy to her students. Arnay has learned a great deal from her coaching, which has given him newfound confidence and motivation that helped open a door for him at the Performing Arts Program at Cawthra Park Secondary School.At the present, Arnay takes musical and theatre classes at Liberty Junction Theatre under Melanie’s wing. He hopes to continue to work with her again in the future. Thank you Melanie.”
– M. Avdic

“Through the participation in the programs and private coaching, Melanie gave Cameron the support and confidence needed to audition for a competitive Theatre Arts Program. This is Cameron’s third time participating in the Liberty Junction Theatre Program. He has gone to the summer camp and the fall and winter sessions. I have to say that whenever I come to pick Cameron up from class he always comes out with a skip in his step and a big smile on his face!”
– A. Hughes

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