Kids Acting Course Mississauga: Improv

kids acting improv course mississauga

Kids Acting Course Mississauga: Improv

In this kids improv course for ages 8-12, students will learn the art of acting through improvisation, drama and build confidence in a positive setting. They will learn how to “say yes” to scene ideas and think on their feet. Create hilarious un-scripted scenes! Be spontaneous, learn how to ‘let go’ and be in the moment. Learn improv terms and what they mean. Build confidence as you ‘play’ with character development and scene work and how to work as a team. This course is great for those who consider themselves shy or are who are the star at the dinner table!

Develop confidence and make new friends as you increase your performance and drama skills!

Learn two new improv games every week. Showcase what you’ve learned with a “Who’s line is it anyway” (TV show) styled studio performance.  This course is deal for students who want improve confidence or who want to broaden their repertoire for building characters & improve acting skills. Small class size for one on one attention.

This is 8-week course will conclude with a showcase presentation in our large studio Tuesday, November 15 2016.

Class Times:

Ages 8-12

Tuesdays 6:15-7:45pm

Starts Sep 27- Nov 15, 2016

 Studio Performance~ November 15, 2016 @7:00pm


Melanie Miles


2453 Dunwin Dr, Mississauga.

Fee: 249.00 + HST, or sign up with a friend and save $20 each!

What parents are saying about us:

“Absolutely wonderful program!!! No comparison to any other. Our son was very excited to attend, worked very hard and learned a lot.”

“Liberty Junction has been awesome! It has helped me speak loudly and clearly. It has also helped me be more confident in front of people. Now I can go up on stage with no fear! I am not scared or silly and no one makes fun of me. I love LJT and you will too.” – Julianne, LJT Student, Age 10

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